About Thai Climate

Thai Climate delivers the latest news and views on the Kingdom’s response to global warming. Using laymen's terms and a journalistic approach, Thai Climate aims to improve the understanding of, and heighten interest in, the varied issues surrounding climate change in Thailand. Most importantly, Thai Climate hopes to stimulate more vocal and active participation in meeting the challenges posed by global warming in Thailand.

Some of the principal topics discussed on Thai Climate include:

  • What Thai scientist and modelers are telling us about weather changes and sea level rise in Thailand.
  • Anticipated costs of global warming and to whom.
  • Local and national policy responses to existing and anticipated climate change impacts.
  • Specific challenges faced by Bangkok’s geography and population.
  • Rural impacts, especially to the country’s extensive agricultural sector.
  • Future industrialization and energy use under a new climate paradigm.
  • International cooperation and partnerships to help improve Thailand’s and the world’s response to global warming.

In tracking issues, Thai Climate pays particular attention to those leaders who are helping to move things forward and those who may be holding Thailand back. Also watched closely is the status of promised policies, and the results that have, or have not, been delivered.


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Anyone is free to comment on the articles posted on Thai Climate. Please ensure comments reflect the specific topic and are presented in a tone consistent with furthering a healthy discussion. All opinions are welcome and encouraged.

Posting to the Thai Climate Forum

The Thai Climate Forum allows any registered user to submit topics for discussion. Registration takes only a minute. Should the topic and content submitted to the Thai Climate Forum be particularly newsworthy, the post may also appear on the Thai Climate home page.



As climate change affects us all, Thai Climate seeks contributions from all sectors including: academics, media, government, industry and NGOs. The principle writers currently are:

  • Nantiya Tangwisutijit is a senior editor at The Nation, and among the first generations of environment reporters in Thailand. She’s studied extensively abroad, and is now the country’s principle journalist following the climate change issues.
  • Pennapa Hongthong has been with the Nation since 1997, reporting on health, social and environmental issues. Readers appreciate her critical approach to her stories, and her sources respect her straight-forward and balanced questioning.

Thai Climate is always looking for people who offer a unique perspective on the climate change issue here in Thailand. If you would like join the Thai Climate team, please send us a note about yourself and the topics you would like to cover.